Feathers with stems are leaf-shaped structure of fibers. Based on where it grows, the length varies from 2~10 centimeters. Feathers of 8 centimeters or longer are usually used for feed powder and the badminton. Feathers of 2~6 centimeters are used as pillow's filling material due to their elasticity and compressive resistance. Feather pillows are much more comfortable than any other filling materials.


Down is a spherical structure of fibers under the calamus that cling and grow onto muscles in the abdomen and hollow under the wing. It is chiefly for maintaining a warm body and radiating. DOWN is only 8-10% of the plumage of a goose or duck. It is a rare and natural warmth keeping material. The densely covered thousands of tiny air holes on the spherical structure absorb human body heat, cut off outside cold air to provide the best protection against the cold. Feathers are light, gentle and with good elasticity. Among natural materials, we may say feathers are the most ideal filling material for clothing and quilting.

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Down is from the belly and wing-pits of duck or goose,
the weight is about 8-12% of the whole weight of down & feather.

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How to choose high quality Down products

Generally, DOWN quality differs because of different climatic conditions under which the geese or ducks grow. For example, under cold climate, the ducks and geese grows naturally large and dense soft under plumage to resist the cold. On the contrary, in the tropics, the soft under plumage will be small and sparse as it is chiefly for keeping warmth and dispersing body heat. When we are buying a feather product, we usually do not know where the feathers originate only if it is marked in order to highlight the its preciousness.

For example, at present, goose DOWN coming from places such as Poland, Hungary and Siberia is the main material for premium goose DOWN duvet. It is usually attached with a certificate of origin. An exceptionally good duvet filled with DOWN from the extremely scarce EIDER in North Pole may cost as high as NT$300,000 each.

When we are purchasing a DOWN product, basically we can look from the proportion of feathers for a better understanding. The proportion refers to the percentage of DOWN and feathers included. A higher proportion of DOWN means a better quality. Depending on the country's standard, the proportion of DOWN ranges from 100% to 50%. For example, the indication of 80/20 refers to 80% of DOWN and 10% of feather. The clothes or quilts that contain a higher percentage of DOWN will not have the feathers to run out of the slit, and are better in conserving warmth.

Advantages and Characteristics

Super Warm

Down is a kind of animal fiber with higher heat retaining capabilities than vegetative fiber (such as cotton).
Each down ball has tens-of- millions of triangular air holes on them to absorb large amounts of air and insulate heat. This makes cold air impenetrable and prevents heat outflow.

Ultra Light

Take a down comforter for instance; a common comforter is around 4KG to 7KG, while wool comforter and silk comforter are around 3KG to 4KG. However, down comforters only weigh 1.5KG to 2KG. Using the lightest and warmest material in the world as its filler, it will not oppress the user’s lungs, but further activates blood circulation.

Automatic Thermoregulation

Common chemical fibers are solid, incapable of thermoregulation, inflexible, cause stuffiness, and make one feel uncomfortable. However, downs are 3-dimensional balls with fine triangular air holes that will expand and contract according to the change of temperature. This creates automatic thermoregulation effects to keep the user’s body comfortable and warm. According to the different proportion of downs, down products are applicable from 25oC to -40oC.

Absorbs Moisture yet Maintaining Dry-touch

The human body consumes calories and perspires small amount of sweat even when we are asleep or conducting common static activities. The triangular air holes are capable of absorbing moisture in which they absorb and discharge that small amount of water to keep the user’s body dry and fresh. In addition to that, given that downs are animal fibers that contain a small amount of grease, they will not get soaked even after absorbing moisture. The moisture on them will evaporate with appropriate ventilation and sunlight and resume to their 3-dimensional fluffiness.

Breathable and Heat Dissipation

Downs come in different forms and their superficial area increases after encountering warm air. Not only can they absorb water and quickly discharge it, excessive heat will also be dissipated from the seams of the feathers. Its automatic thermoregulation function provides the user’s body with the most comfortable heat retaining experience.

Ultra-strong Elasticity

Elasticity is the greatest and most attractive feature of down products, because it combines unique warm-keeping functions such as heat retaining, thermoregulation, moisture absorption, breathability, softness, and flexibility all into one. The elasticity and size of common fiber related products will fillers such as chemical fiber, cotton, wool, and silk will decrease quickly after 3 to 5 years of use due to the bad connection and compression resistance of the fibers. This results in bad heat retaining function and lower durability. However, given that downs are extremely light and soft 3-dimensional sphere fibers and are rich with animal grease, their heat retaining capability remain the same even after repetitive using for several decades.

Easy Storage

Down will expand when encountering warm air and will become larger. On the contrary, when air is completely squeezed out of it, its size will shrink. It is easy to store them without occupying much space. Regardless of taking them outdoors, changing according to the season or relocating, they are convenient and light.

Safe and Healthy

The texture of down is light and soft without any sense of oppression, which is suitable for seniors, children, and people with bad sleeping quality, hypertension patients, and those with bad blood circulation. Moreover, given that Taiwan has a sub-tropical island climate and air humidity lies between 80% and 90%, which is 10% to 20% higher than average air humidity, it is easier to suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, eczema, and other discomforts. Downs are capable of absorbing moist and dissipating heat to increase blood circulation and have the feature of warming up instantly. They allow those who are afraid of cold during winter times to instantly experience heat streaming up your icy skin, so that you do not have to suffer while waiting for the comforter to warm up and had to endure getting in touch with the cold icy air.

Most Valuable Warming Item for Winter

Every down product was treated with down-proof processing, so that the down feathers can last for decades. Therefore, down products are often the most valuable investment and the most preservative gift that can pass on for generations. They are the guardians of health and necessities when traveling around the world.

Comparison of Warmth-keeping natural products

  • Goose Down
  • Duck Down
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk